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How to adjust if the packaging film of large granules packaging machine deviates?

Vertical granules packaging machines can be divided into small vertical granules packaging machines and medium and large vertical granules packaging machines according to their size.

Small vertical granules packaging machines use elephant trunk bag maker to make bags, while medium and large vertical granules packaging machines use lapel shaper to make bags.

The way of making bags with Lapel Shaper in large granules packaging machine is still very stable, but no matter how stable the equipment is, there may be some small problems, or screws fall off and some parts shift due to improper long-distance transportation.

Today, let’s take a look at how to adjust the large granules packaging machine if the packaging film deviates?

Let’s first look at what causes the deviation of the packaging film of the large particle packaging machine

1) The lapel former was not installed correctly when it was replaced;

2) The shaper is damaged and knocked to be uneven, resulting in failure;

3) The fixed rubber ring for fixing the packaging film is not fixed properly;

4) Packaging film device brake failure;

5) The packaging film is not fixed in the middle of the packaging film device when the packaging film is installed;

6) The drum of the packaging film device falls off.

Solution to deviation of packaging film of vertical particle packaging machine.

1) When replacing the shaper, it needs to be installed in the correct position according to the steps of the manual;

2) Do not use hard objects to knock the shaper;

3) Check the roller and install the packaging film by fixing the packaging film in the middle. The fixed rubber ring needs to be fixed. When the installation is completed, twist it to make sure it is fixed before starting the machine

4) If the brake fails, check the brake circuit and whether there is a problem with the parts.

5) Adjust the packaging film on the touch screen by pressing the left and right buttons.

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