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Pills&Capsules Packing

Pharmaceutical packaging (or drug packaging) is the process of packaging and packaging of pharmaceutical preparations. It involves all operations from production through the drug distribution channel to the final consumer.
Pharmaceutical packaging is strictly regulated but can vary in detail, depending on the country or region of origin. Several common factors include: assurance of patient safety, assurance of efficacy of the drug within the expected shelf life, consistency of the drug across production lots, complete documentation of all materials and processes, control of possible migration of packaging components into the drug, control of degradation of the drug by oxygen, moisture, heat, etc., prevention of microbial contamination, sterility, etc. Packaging is usually involved in the dispensing, administration and use of drugs. Communication of proper use and warning labels is also regulated. Packaging is an integral part of pharmaceutical products.
Bulk drug in a fiber drum
Bulk drug products may be shipped to another pharmaceutical company for further processing, to a contract packager used to form unit packages, to an international customer, etc. Bulk shipments may be made in fiber drums (with plastic liners), bulk boxes, corrugated boxes with liners, intermediate bulk containers and other sea containers.
Smaller bulk packages can be shipped to pharmacies, especially compounding pharmacies. Liquids or powders can be measured and put into primary packaging.
Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging is a fast growing and changing market, from dietary supplements in capsule form to drug formulation in pill form, KITECH has flexible packaging solutions to increase your throughput and provide high accuracy according to your packaging specifications.
KIITECH’s stick packaging machinery is available in IQ/OQ pharmaceutical configurations. Stick packaging for pharmaceuticals is available with popular easy-open options such as tear notches and microperforations. With the growing popularity of dose control and single-serving packaging in the medical and dietary supplement industries, stick packers are the perfect solution to provide your consumers with the convenience and safety they deserve.

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