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Buying a packaging machine is a big decision.

If you are starting to wonder if now is the time to invest in an automated packaging machine, as KITECH we can help you with that. By reading the information below, ou can find the answers to the questions that customers often ask before buying a packaging machine.

And of course feel free to contact us at any time and we will arrange for a dedicated packaging machine expert to provide you with detailed answers based on the purchase questions you ask and provide you with attentive service.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not very clear about the specific packaging machine you need, you can go to the different categories in Applications and there are approximate packaging machine recommendations under each of the articles.

Or you can contact us with your needs or what you need to customize specifically, our professional staff will develop a plan according to your needs, feel free to contact us.

Fully automatic machine working at high speed. With minimal human intervention, the machine automatically packages itself. This type of machine is best suited for companies that need to produce large quantities of products quickly and with relatively little variation. The advantage is that human labor in the production process is minimized and your labor costs are also reduced. Errors are very small because human intervention is limited. However, the cost of automatic packaging machines is higher than semi-automatic.

Semi-automatic packaging systems still require a significant level of human labor, and if you're not ready for full automation, a semi-automatic packaging line is a good place to start. Semi-automatic packaging lines have much lower entry costs, but are slower than automatic packaging machines and are more prone to errors for manual reasons. You can also try a semi-automatic packaging machine if it's your first time, but from experience, customers generally switch to fully automatic packaging machines after a period of time.

Our products have always aimed towards simple operation and unmanned control, so as long as your packaging system is not super customized, the equipment is easy to use.

Our machines have an intuitive, full-color touch screen interface and also support multiple languages. Our technical team will provide our customers with training CDs to help learn how to use the machine. To change to different bags, products, etc. you can ask or contact us and we will be happy to help show you how to make it happen or come directly to your home.

As KITECH, we offer almost every type of packaging machine available on the market.We have also developed our own patented, high speed and accurate packaging machines.

Although our customers are mainly in the food, pharmaceutical, hardware, chemical and other industries, it does not mean that our company is not good at other. Only think, no can't do. As long as you have requirements, feel free to contact us, we will provide the best solutions and services.

There is no quick and easy answer to the question of price. But don't worry, our prices are relatively good and inexpensive.We build wrappers to a given order, and most machines ordered are built specifically to meet customer requirements, while pricing depends largely on your unique needs.

The product you want to wrap, the speed you want to achieve, the style and size of your bags, the complexity of your process, and the speed you need the machine to deliver.

In general, the more complex, customized and faster the packaging process, the more you will pay.

The short answer is "usually yes". Adjusting a machine to accommodate different bags is called a changeover, and it can take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on many variables. If your needs are varied, accommodating these changes within the parameters of the machine can be complex, expensive and inefficient.

Sometimes it is better to have a machine that can do one thing really well than one that can do many things.

If it is necessary to obtain detailed information about these issues, our sales and technical teams will guide and teach you in the most appropriate way during the ordering process.

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Having been involved in the full equipment market worldwide for more than 10 years, we sell high quality machines at relatively low prices while providing better after-sales service.

The success of the customers we do business with is more important to us than anything else.

Our main products are all kinds of automatic packaging machines, artificial intelligence packaging machines, high-speed packaging machines, automatic bagging and boxing lines, etc.

Our customers are mainly concentrated in food, pharmaceutical, hardware, chemical and other industries, and we have won the unanimous approval of our customers for our high standard of quality and service. Adhere to the principle of advanced technology to serve human production, through technological innovation and optimization, so that all types of packaging machines to the direction of foolproof operation, unmanned control, especially in the bagging and boxing line project, KITECH accumulated a deep, so that more customers to achieve the packaging workshop “unmanned operation, intelligent monitoring, zero pollution” of the High standards, so that cutting-edge technology to truly free the workforce.

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