Kitech Packaging Machinery

Main Applications Of Packaging Machines

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Food packaging machinery expertise

KITECH has packaged many food and beverage packaging machines, and more than 70% of our machines are used in the food industry. No matter how big or small the food is, we can customize a packaging solution, and for our rugged packaging equipment, there is basically no food packaging project that is too difficult for us!


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Pasta, Beans & Rice

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Natural & Organic Foods

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Health packaging machinery expertise

KITECH has been supplying packaging machinery to the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries for many years. Many of our packaging machinery models can be specified for washdown, sanitary environments. From hookah products to capsules to nutritional powders, we can develop packaging solutions for them all. We have successfully installed nutritional and pharmaceutical packaging solutions around the world.

Non-Food packaging machinery expertise

KITECH has a wide range of packaging machines for packaging non-food products such as hardware, grit and cylinders. Our packaging machines are constructed with durability and repeatability in mind. Even with irregularly shaped items, KITECH machines bag perfectly every time. Large, small and oddly shaped products are no problem for our machines.

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