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Sauce Packing

Sauce Packing

Sauces and soups are great-tasting adjuncts that help create delicious dishes. Whether your premixed products are in dry or liquid form, they must have excellent freshness to deliver amazingly delicious results.

Our machines, which effectively package gravy products, sauces and other liquid contents in a variety of shapes and sizes, are leak-proof.

We design bags and pouches to meet your packaging requirements and also offer you a variety of nozzle applications for holding condiments, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, baby food or any other liquid food products.

Our sauces, soups, gravies and condiments packaging can be customized with various material constructions, colors, designs, printing and additional features such as re-closable zippers, tear openings, nozzles and more.

KITECH’s machines are guaranteed for quality and will not rust or break down due to packaging in wet conditions. Even acidic liquids, such as spaghetti sauce, will not affect the smooth operation of our equipment. A variety of fillers compatible with KITECH machines allow almost any liquid to be packaged in flexible bags.

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