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Meat Packing

Preparing meat requires strict adherence to food safety protocols and standards. Meat packaging for consumer or industrial use also requires a similar level of contamination prevention methods. KITECH’s packaging machines have an ultra-hygienic construction making our vertical baggers ideal for fresh poultry and raw fish/seafood packaging.
Fresh packaging is a new type of packaging technology that enables various types of food products to maintain a certain level of freshness, keeps the products free from various biological, microbial and environmental factors during storage, transportation and distribution, maintains the original flavor of the food in terms of color, aroma and taste, and increases the shelf life of the food. However, the concept of freshness of various foods is different, and the preservation packaging technology used is also different. Here we mainly introduce the gas conditioning packaging for food preservation.
The principle of aeration packaging is to replace the air in the box or bag with aeration gas (mixed with 2 to 4 gases according to the characteristics of the food) to change the external environment of the food in the box (bag) and inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria (microorganisms), thus extending the shelf life or shelf life of the food. Atmosphere preservation gas generally consists of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and a small amount of special gases (NO2, SO2, Ar, etc.).
There are many potential sources of infection in any facility that processes and packages uncooked food. Don’t let your packaging machine become the cause of an outbreak. Buy a KITECH machine and you will have a powerful, ultra-hygienic packaging powerhouse that delivers perfect bags of fresh food!

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