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Cereal&Nuts&Snacks Packing

Cereal&Nuts&Snacks Packing

People love snacking. From savory and tasty chips to healthy beef jerky products, snacks are a staple of the modern diet.

Snacks are fancy and can be broadly categorized as follows.

1, cold fruit preserves category: such as plums, cold fruit, preserves, dried fruit, dried melon and fruit, sour corner cake, etc.

2 puffed food categories: such as shrimp sticks, potato chips, squid crisp, vegetable rings, popcorn and so on.

3 dried meat and fish: such as dried beef, dried beef, pork, fish fillets, etc.

4 chewing gum category.

5 jelly category.

6 dried fruits: such as peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.

7.Gluten category: such as spicy dough, etc.

For KITECH machines, it is not a problem to produce the same product continuously or to switch from one product to another. More than that, the requirement to efficiently package nuts, cereals and snack foods is easy for our machines, with different product mixtures, bag sizes and weights we can easily achieve.KITECH machines With low-maintenance, streamlined replacement KITECH machines, your snack food packaging business will run more efficiently.

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Cereal&Nuts&Snacks Packing Machines

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