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Bread&Pastry Packing

Bread&Pastry Packing

Foods such as bread and pastries are among the most common foods in our lives. With the development of time, traditional bakery and pastry stores are selling more than just satisfying the local area, and packaged sales are also a good choice. In order to expand their business, more and more companies are selling their products through e-commerce platforms and social platforms, so preservation has become the primary issue that needs to be solved for.

After the bread and pastries are produced through various processes, they need to be cooled first and then sealed with packaging machinery. Sealed bags can effectively isolate the outside air and moisture, to play a role in preserving freshness.

If some pastries are fragile, or moon cakes or unique designs will also be held in trays, and then packaged by packaging machinery. In addition, some companies will also carry out outer packaging such as cartons, which can also be achieved by cartoning machines.

KITECH also has a complete set of material handling lines. After the bread passes through the conveyor belt, it is detected by photoelectric sensors and then follows the film through the bag-making device to form the bag shape. The heating device of the packaging machine acts on the middle seal and both ends to complete the sealed packaging of the bread.

The cartoning process is usually completed by a horizontal cartoning machine. The cartoning machine can open the box automatically, push the sealed bread into the box and fold it, which greatly reduces the cost of manual cartoning.

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