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Liquids Packing

Liquids Packing

Whether it’s sauces, thick creams, gels, or even water, liquid pouches can be packaged quickly, cleanly and easily with KITECH’s liquid packaging machines. If you want to automate your liquid bag packaging, then you can offer three things in order to provide the best liquid packaging machine for your application.

1. Filling temperature affects the viscosity of the liquid

The filling temperature of the liquid product is very important to the packaging project, especially when the product is filled. When heated, most liquid products flow more easily. Depict the consistency of frost or motor oil when heated; its viscosity is significantly reduced and becomes more free-flowing. In order to provide the most effective liquid packaging machine packaging solutions, it is important to provide accurate filling temperature.

2. Size matters

Liquids such as salad dressings, soups and sauces often contain particulates. These particles are usually spices and flavoring agents, such as small vegetable pieces. The particles can be suspended in the liquid product or can settle to the bottom of the liquid.

When packing liquids with particulates, special care must be taken to accurately describe and measure their average size and general properties. The presence of particles will determine the type of product filler your liquid packaging solution will require for the most accurate and unobstructed dispensing.

3. Liquid Packaging Solutions

(1) A variety of packaging equipment installed in the liquid packaging program’s facilities

(2) Hot filling of bulk soup with granules.

(3) Various liquid products filled into new pre-made STANDCAP bags.

(4) filling and sealing of sauces into pre-made stand-up pouches

(5) Liquid and gel ice packs for meal kits and medical/therapeutic uses.

(6) Small sticks or sachets of condiments, flavor enhancers and cleaners.

Our machines are guaranteed for quality and will not rust or break down due to packaging in wet conditions. Even acidic liquids, such as spaghetti sauce, will not affect the smooth operation of our equipment. The wide range of fillers compatible with KITECH machines allows almost all liquids to be packed in flexible bags.

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