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Hardware Packing

Hardware Packing

Hardware in the traditional definition, refers to the five metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc., through human production and processing of a variety of metal products. And in today’s metallurgical industry with more developed processing technology and faster social development, hardware covers more common types, such as hardware tools, hardware accessories, daily-use hardware, engineering and construction hardware and intelligent security appliances.


KITECH has been responsible for a lot of hardware industry packaging machines in the past few years, giving packaging, customization, production and manufacturing of small hardware parts, and specializing in solutions for packaging of various small hardware bags and screw and nut bags.


When a consumer walks down the aisle of any DIY or hardware store, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of product choices, sizes and styles. Often small hardware, fasteners and other parts are packaged in bags and displayed in bins or on hangers. Bagging is the most efficient way to package and organize small parts, as well as being the most flexible and affordable way to do so.


KITECH has specialized in the custom production and manufacturing of small hardware laminated film and PE film bag packaging for more than ten years. The packaging not only ensures that the goods are prevented from missing, but also ensures that water and moisture are kept out and that the packaging is designed not to rust. And with efficient production lines, we have achieved automated, technical industrial manufacturing, which promotes companies to be able to mass produce small hardware parts packaging and produce small hardware parts packaging that meets standard specifications.

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