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Candy comes in many shapes and sizes, and so does candy packaging. The wide variety of candy types means that manufacturers need versatile packaging machines.
The amazing variation in candy types means the same variation in the types of equipment used for candy packaging. Fudge requires different contact surfaces to counteract its stickiness, while candy-coated chocolates and other candies require different modifications to prevent them from moving freely through the system.
Candy packaging serves three main purposes:

first, it protects the product’s proper luster, fragrance, and form and can extend shelf life;

second, it prevents microbial and dust contamination and improves product hygiene and safety;

and third, the aesthetics of product packaging can increase consumers’ desire to buy and the value of the goods.
KKITECH’s line of flexible packaging equipment is ready to seal your confectionery products. From our cost effective entry level models to the world’s fastest VFFS machines, we have the equipment you need.

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