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Pasta, Beans & Rice Packing

Pasta, Beans & Rice Packing

KITECH offers the perfect solution for packaging dry and dusty products such as beans, rice and pasta. Operating in environments with fine particles can put a lot of stress on moving parts. Thanks to the superior engineering of KITECH equipment, our packaging machines provide smooth, repeatable bagging even under harsh conditions.
Bagging dusty, granular and dry goods is simple and efficient using KITECH equipment and its ability to integrate with a variety of auxiliary equipment. Multihead scales, checkweighers and other equipment can be added to rice and bean packaging machines, making them the heart of finely tuned automated packaging systems.
KITECH offers automatic bean packaging machines to meet your needs and comply with the requirements of the food industry. Our machines are suitable for packaging beans and snacks on different container sizes. We ensure that all our packaging solutions are food-grade and safe to operate.

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Pasta, Beans & Rice Packing Machines

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