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Fruit&Vegetables Packing

Fruit&Vegetables Packing

Fruit and vegetable packaging is also very careful, packaging is generally divided into two kinds, one is the bulk goods on sale on the counter, select the part of higher quality to do secondary graded packaging. The other is not suitable for the bulk sale of goods need to be fine packaging, such as demand for small pepper-type goods, the need to do fine packaging.

The pricing of graded packaging goods and the positioning of bulk goods is different, the positioning of fine packaging goods is to serve customers with higher requirements for the quality of goods. In general, the pricing of finely packaged vegetables is an increase of 15% on top of the original selling price.

The cost of consumables is negligible for some dishes that require only cling film for fine packaging and no consumables such as bottom trays. For dishes that require consumables for fine packaging, the pricing needs to be increased by 15% on top of the original selling price after adding the cost of consumables.

With KITECH packers, you can pack individual or mixed ingredients in a variety of food-safe flexibags and cling film packages. The wide variety of bag styles makes fresh produce even more attractive, and classic pillow bags or cling film packs with trays are great for displaying fruits and vegetables on store shelves.

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