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Fully automatic Vegetable Meat Cling Film Packing Machine

This automatic tray cling film wrapping machine adopts advanced technology to pack trays for meat,fruit and vegetable, etc. After packing, final products have prettier appearance, keep fresh taste , extend shelf life, easy to delivery, improve products value in the markets.
It is widely used in supermarket chain, distribution center,fruit and vegetable processing factories, etc.

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Suitable for wrapping industries such as fruit, vegetable, boxes, toys, electronic bricks, foodstuff, cosmetics, printing, pharmacy, flooring, ceramics, etc.



1. Efficient packaging The average packaging rate is 20-25 bags per minute, and the packaging efficiency is about 4-5 times that of labor.

2. Good packaging effect Packaging standards, firmness, beauty, and uniformity help enhance brand value.

3. Automatic assembly line A variety of equipment can be integrated, packaging, weighing, labeling and other processes are integrated, more efficient and more worry-free.

4. Wide selection of consumables Applicable to all kinds of cling film (PVC/PE), both domestic and imported, saving cost; some foreign equipment can only use imported cling film.

5. High-end selection The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for high humidity and other corrosive environments; similar foreign equipment only partially or completely does not use stainless steel, which is easy to be corroded in harsh environments.

6. Comfortable operation The interface design is simple and fast, in line with Chinese aesthetics and operating habits; compared with foreign equipment, the noise is low, and the special silent processing is adopted, which is more comfortable to use.

7. Superb craftsmanship The overall welding processing, equipment stability is better than similar foreign equipment.


20-25 bag/min
Package length
Package width
Packag height
Package weight
Width of cling film
Machine weight
Machine size

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