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Beauty & Cosmetic Packing

Beauty & Cosmetic Packing

Choosing the right packaging for a cosmetic, skin care or personal care product is crucial. Not only because of the nature of cosmetic ingredients, which need to protect the safety and stability of the product, but also because cosmetics themselves are a special commodity that carry the desire to beautify themselves.

In establishing this status, a vehicle is needed to speak for the brand. As the image representative of the brand, packaging design enables consumers to identify the brand’s values and product quality through visual channels. With a brand position defined, packaging design can be relevant and can serve the brand more effectively as a meaningful design.

The most common products in the beauty industry are essential oils, creams, masks and moisturizers, usually in the form of creams or liquids. When choosing the right packaging machine to package these products, we first need to specify the type of bag and the gram weight of the product.

Bagged products we can choose three-side-seal bags, four-side-seal bags, zipper bags to package, usually you can use a vertical packaging machine or bag packaging machine to complete the process of bagging, feeding, weighing and sealing.No matter it is bagged or bottled, there is usually carton packaging outside, we can use automatic carton loading machine to complete the external carton packaging. Carton loader can complete the operation of automatically opening cartons, pushing products into cartons and folding cartons to complete the process of boxing products.

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