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KL-100NWS Automatic Hanging Ear Drip Coffee Packaging Machine

Model: KL-100-NWS

Feature :
● High Speed
● Inside and Outside Bag
● Automatic
● Easy to Operate
● High sealing efficiency
● Long time operation does not get hot

Shipping Method: Ocean Freight/Land Freight/Air Freight

 Drip Coffee Packing Machine Video:

Witness the precision of our drip coffee packing machine in our video showcase. Our equipment offers precise measuring, filling, and sealing for consistent and professional packaging. Experience how our modern solutions optimize your coffee production process, delivering high-quality packaging

Parameter Specifications:

Model KL-100CNWS
Filling Range 1-7g
Inner Bag Width 40~80mm
Inner Bag Length 60~80mm
Outer Bag Width Max.150mm
Outer Bag Length Max.100mm
Packing Speed 10-80Bags/min(It depends on the material)
Packing Accuracy ±0.2g
Control System Servo Controller+ Color Touch Screen
Pouch Type Three Side Seal
Power Supply 220V,50/60Hz,3.2kw
Air Consumption 0.6m*3/min
Machine Size(L,W,H) Inner Bag Machine L1200*W920*H2060mm, Outer Bag Machine L750*W700*H1500mm
Optional Devic Date Coading, Inkjet Printer
If you have any special needs, please contact us for customization.

 Drip Coffee Packing Features:

  1. The machine can automatically finish the load, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, finished product conveyor, and other functions.
  2. Adopt the imported ultrasonic sealing, use the electronic scale metering to cutting-stock, perfect sealing,cutting-stock accuracy
  3. Efficient automation: Drip Coffee Packing Machine adopts advanced automation technology, including automatic measuring, automatic packing and automatic sealing functions to improve production efficiency and reduce manual operation.
  4. High quality packaging: The machine is made of reliable construction and high quality materials to ensure high quality packaging of coffee products and maintain the fresh taste and aroma of coffee.
  5. Flexible and diverse: The Drip Coffee Packing Machine can be used for a variety of packing forms, such as single cup packing and multi-cup packing, according to different packing needs, to meet different specifications and packing requirements of coffee products.
  6. Easy to operate: The machine is easy to operate, just put the coffee into the designated container, set the packing parameters and start the machine to complete the automatic packing process, no complicated operation and professional skills are required.
  7. Reliable and durable: The Drip Coffee Packing Machine is made of durable stainless steel and wear-resistant material, which has a long service life and can maintain stable performance and reliable packing effect during long production operation.
  8. Meet hygiene standards: The machine meets the hygiene standards of the food packaging industry, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the packaging process and safeguarding the quality and safety of coffee products.

 Drip Coffee Packing Machine Application:

Application: This machine is suitable for the inner bag and outer bag packaging of coffee powder, tea powder, tea, medicinal tea, health tea, plant and other small particles.

drip coffee packing machine applications

Bag Type: Three side seal inner bag and outer bag.

drip coffee packing machine bag type

Drip Coffee Packing Machine Description

Product Description: Our Hang Ear Bag Packing Machine is a professionally designed, high-efficiency device for automatic packaging of drip coffee. It features advanced technology and reliable construction to ensure high-quality and consistent packaging of your coffee products.

Product Usage: Our Drip Coffee Packing Machine is designed for coffee producers and coffee packaging processors, specifically for automatic packaging of drip coffee. It can be widely used in coffee production lines and coffee packaging production lines to improve production efficiency and packaging quality.

Raw Materials: Our Hang Ear Packaging Machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and wear-resistant materials, ensuring durability and long lifespan. It complies with hygiene standards and is suitable for use in the food packaging industry.

Production Process: Our Drip Coffee Packing Machine adopts advanced automation processes, including automatic measuring, automatic packaging, and automatic sealing functions. It can efficiently complete the packaging process of drip coffee, ensuring packaging quality and production efficiency.

Usage Instructions:  Using our Hang Ear Bag Packaging Machine is easy. Simply place the drip coffee into the designated container, insert the container into the machine, set the packaging parameters (such as packaging material, packaging speed, packaging quantity, etc.), and start the machine to automatically complete the packaging process.

Maintenance: Our Drip Coffee Packing Machine requires regular maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of consumable parts. Detailed maintenance instructions can be found in the product user manual. This ensures optimal performance and stable operation of the machine

Supplied Accessories And Attachments:

Coffee packaging materials: Hang Ear Packing Machine usually requires the use of special coffee packaging materials, such as coffee filter paper, coffee packaging bags, etc.. These materials usually have to match the specifications and models of the Drip Coffee Packing Machine to ensure the consistency of the packaging effect and packaging quality.

Replacement parts: Hang Ear Packing Machine, as a kind of mechanical equipment, may need to replace some parts during use. Such as drive belts, cutting knives, electric heating wires, etc.. These replacement parts usually need to be checked and replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation and stability of the Drip Coffee Packing Machine.

Cleaning and maintenance tools:  Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Because during use to ensure its operational effectiveness and packaging quality. Cleaning and maintenance tools such as cleaning brushes, maintenance lubricants, etc. They are often required as accessories for the Drip Coffee Packing Machine.

Operation and maintenance manuals: Drip Coffee Packing Machine usually comes with operation and maintenance manuals. This contains information on how to use the machine, maintenance points, troubleshooting and other relevant information. These manuals are important reference materials for operators and maintenance personnel to help operate and maintain the Drip Coffee Packing Machine properly.

packing machine accessories

Typical Applications And Case Studies:

Typical applications:

Coffee producers: Coffee manufacturers widely use drip coffee packaging machines to automatically package coffee beans, coffee powder and other coffee products.To improve packaging efficiency and packaging quality and to meet the needs of different packaging specifications and packaging forms.

Coffee shops and cafes: Drip coffee packaging machine can also be applied in coffee shops and cafes. Automatic packaging of coffee beans, coffee powder and other raw materials for on-site ground coffee. This maintains the freshness and taste of the coffee and also provides customers with high quality coffee products.

Case Study:

ABC Coffee Company: ABC Coffee Company is a world-renowned coffee producer. In order to improve production efficiency and packaging quality. They introduced the Drip Coffee Packing Machine for automated packaging of coffee beans. By using a drip coffee packaging machine, ABC Coffee Company has successfully improved packaging efficiency and reduced packaging errors. Not only did they save production costs, but they also improved the packaging quality and appearance of their products. This has increased the competitiveness of the product in the market.

XYZ Coffee Shop: XYZ Coffee Shop is a well-known coffee shop chain. In order to maintain the freshness and taste of their coffee products, they introduced the Drip Coffee Packing Machine for packaging coffee beans in their store. By using the Drip Coffee Packing Machine, XYZ Coffee Shop is able to automatically pack coffee beans to maintain the freshness of the coffee and provide customers with high quality coffee products, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Comments:

“Excellent after-sales service, a reliable partner!” The after-sales service of this drip coffee packing machine is excellent, and the manufacturer has provided timely technical support and maintenance, making it a trustworthy partner.


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Our pre-sales and after-sales services are designed to provide a full range of support to ensure that your packaging machines are able to perform at their maximum capacity, improving your productivity and product quality.
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Foshan Kinghanlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on automated packaging solutions.Established in 1999, Kinghanlong packing machinery manufacturing CO,. LTD is a professional packing machine manufacturer and exporter with a registered capital of USD 3,000,000. Area of 5000 square meters and we now have more than 200 employees of two factories, Annual output reach more than 3000 sets at home and abroad every year.

We specialize in producing packing machine for food, beverage, hardware, medical product, stationery etc. We specialize in producing all sorts of vertical packing machine. Such as liquid, sauce, powder, granules, counting of hardware or plastic pieces(nut,bolts), snack(chips,french fries) packing machine etc. Producing horizontal machine for wrapping cookies, candies, chocolate bar, vegetables, fruits, plastic or metal parts, electronic components etc as well. Featuring nice quality and competitive price, our machines are selling well in Africa,USA, European countries and Middles East. Our company warmly welcome customers from all over the world.
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