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What if the accuracy error occurs in the linear scale particle packaging machine?

Granular products occupy a large amount in the packaging industry. For granular products in the food industry, we know that there are puffed food, leisure food, Cereals, fried food, condiment particles, candy, etc., daily chemical industry, plastic particles, crystal particles, etc., and drug particles: granule particles, capsule particles, pill particles, etc; Toy particles: toy industry; Hardware industry, etc.

For granular products, we use vertical granular packaging machine for packaging.

The weighing and measuring devices selected for different granular products are also different.

For weighing and measuring granular products, we can choose measuring cup measuring device, linear scale measuring device, combined scale measuring device and two head / four head screw scale measuring device.

For the vertical particle packaging machine, the linear scale is selected. The linear scale metering device mainly measures small particle materials, and the weight of the scale is relatively large.

We choose a linear scale for measurement. When the vertical automatic packaging machine selects the linear scale for weighing, how to solve the inaccuracy?

Today, I’ll list them one by one: the difference between particle packaging machines

The reasons for the inaccuracy of the linear scale configured for the vertical particle packaging machine are as follows:

1) Check whether the density and volume of the product are too large;

2) Check whether the volume of the product is too large;

3) Check whether the parameter setting in the screen is normal;

4) Check whether the blanking speed is too fast;

5) Check whether the scale bucket has been calibrated;

6) Check whether the linear scale has vibration or unstable support;

7) Check whether the power supply is in production;

8) Check whether there is a connecting ground wire.

When the linear scale is inaccurate when we debug or use the vertical particle packaging machine on site, we can check according to the above 8 points. If you still can’t solve it, you can contact us.

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